Automotive enthusiasts from around the world value the legacy of the Corvair as a historic and groundbreaking automobile. They have visited the Corvair Preservation Foundation Museum collection over the years and at locations where it has been housed.

  • 1988 - Corvair Preservation Foundation (CPF) established
  • 1994 - Central Virginia Corvair Club set up display in Williamsburg VA rented space
  • Donations to CPF traveled to car shows and conventions
  • 1995 - First CPF Corvair Museum in Ypsilanti, MI
  • 1999 - Museum building sold, vehicles and artifacts stored
  • Until 2016 - Museum moved around to buildings in MI and IL
  • 2016 - Museum opened in Decatur, IL
  • 2018 - Museum moved to current location outside of Springfield IL
  • Today - CPF and the National Corvair Museum announce a Capital Campaign to fund a permanent location.